A few words in English about the IH tractor:

 Here in Denmark, we almost only have English IH tractors.
We have only very few items of the French and German models.

I, myself, am a admirer of this IH Oldtimer. 
At the present time, I have two IH B-414 Diesel Models.

I believe that this tractor is not particularly well-known in Germany.
One of these two "was born" here on my farm in
September 1964 and is in very good condition. 
The engine was completely refurbished in 1979
after having run for 5953 hours.

Hereafter it was used for another 1266 hours of lighter tasks.

In 2002 the clutch plates were renewed.

 In 1993, there was a minor problem in the gear box.
The gear lever for high and low reduction jumped out of high gear. Afterwards, I exchanged the little spring and the little metal ball,
that keep the gear lever in the correct position.

The edge in between the trenches for the metal balls was very worn. Therefore I renewed the entire High-Speed-Shifter.



Before you can lift the cover of the gear box,
you have to remove the entire hydraulic block,
as this is the only way to open the gear box.

 After I finished the complete renovation,
my IH B-414 is now in very good condition.

Follow the renovation step by step here on my home page.


 P.S. I can also recommend the French web site LTR (les tracteurs rouges), where among other things you can find a list of specifications 
regarding all IH tractors ever produced.